Wax & Wool Worms


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Stinky Ram Wax & Wool Worms

These are the perfect toy for those dogs who just love to carry something with them at all times, made for wriggling, head tossing, shaking and throwing in the air, your Pampered Pooch is going to have a fine old time with the newest addition to our Scraps Toy Family.

Stinky Ram Wax & Wool Worms are available in Medium and Large, and come in a variety of random colours.

As with all of our Scraps Toy Range, sizes are approximate and will vary a little according to the sizes of offcuts we have available.

Medium Worms measure 110cm to 125cm and Large Worms measure 125cm to 150cm.

100% Natural, Sustainable and Biodegradable … because nothing is indestructible, these toys can be composted at the end of their lives!

Is Your Dog an Eco-Warrior?

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