Stinky Ram Scraps Floatees



22cm x 11cm excluding loop



Stinky Rams Scraps Floatees

We save all the offcuts that are left when we cut out your Stinky Ram Dog Beds and when we have a big pile of them, we set about making Stinky Ram Scraps Toys. Offcuts that are too small to make our Tuggers are used to stuff our Floatees … We know that you’re right there with us when we say, why waste the offcuts?

Stinky Ram Scraps Floatees are the water loving dogs’ new best friend! These toys are light enough to carry on a walk, heavy enough to be launched into the sea or lake and due to their waterproof fabric, they float happily, waiting for retrieval.

Every Stinky Ram Scraps Toy is a unique mixture of different colours, weights and lengths of fabric and each one is handmade, so expect something slightly different with every toy that you order.

100% Natural, Sustainable and Biodegradable … because nothing is indestructible, these toys can be composted at the end of their lives!

Is Your Dog an Eco-Warrior?