Stinky Ram Anti Chew Spray


Stinky Ram Anti Chew Spray is a 100% Natural Formula designed to deter unwanted chewing behaviours.




Our Anti Chew Spray has a distinctive taste which most dogs find very unpleasant and by spraying daily onto surfaces that your dog has shown an interest in, you can help to break the chewing habit and keep your Stinky Ram Dog Beds, furniture and shoes in tiptop condition!

Made using only the best food grade, all natural ingredients, tests have shown our Anti Chew Spray to be safe on most surfaces and has proved to deter even the most hardened chewers.

Packaged in totally recyclable aluminium bottles with sustainable Grass Paper labels, we know you’re with us on our eco-friendly journey.

Instructions for Use are included on the bottle.

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Weight 0.4 kg

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