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The Stinky Ram Eco-friendly dog bed.

Stinky Ram Dog Beds are wool filled, waterproof and hair resistant and are made from 100% natural, UK sourced, sustainable materials

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We have tried, with all good intention, to photograph swatches of the actual material and give a representation of each colour.

Aubergine - medium weight - 6oz Dark Desert Brown - heavy weight - 8oz Navy Blue - heavy weight - 8oz Ocean Blue - medium weight - 6oz
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Stinky Ram Dog Beds are available in FOUR sizes and many gorgeous colours.

X Small – Suitable for one Miniature/Teacup Breed or Cats

Small – Suitable for 2 Miniature or 1 Small Breed Dogs.

Medium – Suitable for 1 Large or 2 Small Breed Dogs.

Large – Suitable for 2 Medium or 1 Large Breed Dogs.

Stinky Ram Dogs Beds have been designed to be very easy to look after. The Waxed Cotton inners and outers, make our waterproof beds perfect for puppy accidents, oldies ‘oops’ moments, and drying off after a rainy day walk. Hair just shakes or vacuums off, and a quick wipe daily with a damp cloth will keep your bed in tip top condition … so no more hairy washing machines! And did we mention that they’re quick drying?

Our Dog Beds are stuffed with Wool, a natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial thermal insulator. This will help your Dog to regulate his temperature at the same time as protecting young joints, warming and soothing old joints, and amazingly, reducing the issues present in Dogs with skin or respiratory allergies.

We only use 100% Natural materials in our Stinky Ram Dog Beds, no synthetic fibres, chemicals or plastics, just renewable materials that are compostable and biodegradable. Our materials are UK sourced and produced, helping us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and every Stinky Ram Dog Bed, Slip Cover, Toy or Accessory is handcrafted in the UK.

Our customers tell us their discerning dogs choose Stinky Ram Dog Beds over any other bed they have access to, that’s high praise and just goes to show how clever (and eco-friendly) our pets are! Our beds are long lasting too, helping you to care for your best friend, the environment, and your bank account!

Stinky Ram Dog Beds are designed to look fabulous, they aren’t just a Dog Bed, they are the place your Dog chooses to lay whilst he’s sharing your life, so why shouldn’t they look good? With wonderful colours available, there’s plenty of choice, but, if you just can’t decide which colour to go for, we offer a Two Colour Option as well!

Every one of our Dog Beds and Slip Covers is handmade to order. We always work as quickly as possible but please allow 10 working days for dispatch.

Is Your Dog an Eco-Warrior?

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